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First off I don’t think Lost and WFS share much of an audience, but I feel like letting my thoughts on the show fly, so suffer through it reader. No specific spoilers here, but if your planning on watching the show you still might not want your judgment clouded by my opinions, so there’s that.

I once told a friend that I enjoyed watching Lost, but I couldn’t be sure how much I liked the show until it ended. What I think a lot of people wanted to know was whether the writers had some grand scheme in mind that would explain all (or at least most) of what was going on, or if they were just throwing stuff at us with the hope that they would be able to wrap it up at the end.

So after the finale I should be of the opinion that I don’t like the show so much, because I’m confident the latter was what was going on. To top it off the final episode wasn’t very good. But in retrospect I’m still glad a I wasted spent all those hours watching the show. I guess the conclusion was good enough (at least the island storyline, the sideways storyline can go to hell and die). The flaws of the finale, and the consequential flaws with the series, weren’t so bad as to negate how interesting it was to watch everything unfold.

While the final episode didn’t stack up against, say, any other season finale the show had, I’m having trouble remembering another series finale that I really enjoyed (other than the Wire, but it’s not fair to compare shows to the Wire). King of the Hill comes to mind, but I’m going to have to put Lost’s finale, that I didn’t like, in the running for my favorite non-Wire series finale ever.

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