Working out this morning I noticed a guy in his 50’s who’s workout included walking on his hands and doing some kind of one legged squat standing on a peg from the weight rack. Judging by the look of the guy, his non-conventional workout is effective.

Most people would feel a little silly walking on their hands in a 24 Hour Fitness, but the Hand Walker found something that works for him, and he’s sticking to with it, rest of the world be damned. Someone should write a children’s book about the old ripped guy at the gym.


We here at WFS wanted you all to know you are doing great.

What will it look like at 50?

Ty: You going to come to the Tap Room with us?

Me: I can’t, I have school work to do.

Ty: Math nerd…I’m just kidding math nerds are cool.

Chris: Except in high school, I wouldn’t want to be a math nerd in high school.

Ty: In the long run though, it’s good to be a math nerd.

Me: As t tends toward infinity…

One day some guy was hanging out with his friends, trying to tell them how great something was, and he said ‘It’s the best thing since sliced bread’. Everybody had a laugh, and the audience probably thought that guy was really clever. Then either that guy went around saying it all the time, or someone in his audience did,  otherwise we wouldn’t be saying it today. If it was the original bread slicing aficionado, he wasn’t that clever and just parroted the one clever thing he ever said. Whoever it was, a few people thought they were witty, but people who knew them well probably kept thinking ‘If I hear him talk about sliced bread one more time I’ll bunch him in the baby maker.”

Anyway, I don’t think sliced bread is that great.

But my Facebook feed is full of people sure that there team is either ruining themselves or turning into the Patriots. I’m amazed at how many people who watch Sportcenter twice a week think they are better informed than the guys who spends 80 hours a week analyzing prospects.

And most of the time both of them are wrong, every team gets busts and every team gets surprises.

The Zombie Sonics, who are very lovable for zombies, or the Lakers, who I’ve hated since the day they acquired Shaq. But I know I hate Kobe and his fanboys more than Durant, and tonight Durant outplayed Kobe. 19 boards to go along with your 29 points? The Durantula was putting in work (and working on the basketball court is not for suckers).

Speaking of zombies, here is some cutting edge zombie research. Quote:

We originally wrote this article in Word, but then we converted it to Latex to make it look more like science.

Alternative Title: Do You Ever Wonder if Your Wasting Your Life With All That Jogging?

Average finish of current SDSU Graduate Statistics students in the 2010 Boston Marathon: 242 (time of 2:41:30)

Average finish of Workings for Suckers readership: 6,458 (3:27:50)

Next year I might try and convince the stats department to read the blog to up the WFS placing. Averaging 8 minute miles over 26.2 miles sounds pretty good, but nobody is impressed by 6,458.

Tangentially related things I’ve learned over the last few months: If you criticize someone for “only” training for a half marathon, they will not take this as motivation to go for the full deal.

I got in a car wreck in January. I was at fault in the legal sense, till I die I will insist the accident was caused by the ginger who slammed on her breaks in heavy rush hour traffic. So apparently one wreck and a three year old speeding ticket are enough to get a driver ridiculously high car insurance rates, which I just had to pay.

As a former psuedo-actuary, I can’t help but think that if I had purchased minimum liability insurance when I started driving and put the difference in an interest bearing account I would have come out ahead when I finally had to “pay” out of that account fifteen years later. I’m guessing that after my accident the difference between liability and full coverage would be pretty substantial, too. Of course, my recent car smashings have taught me that even a good driver can get in wrecks and you don’t know when they’ll come.

So if you aren’t risk averse, and you think your a good driver, change your policy to liability. If you don’t have savings, you are risking being out a car if you get in a wreck before the savings account has time to accrue much. If you can swing it, you could seed the account with a couple grand at the get go. If you think I’m crazy, I’d like to point out that car insurance companies not only make a profit, they do it while paying a lot of overhead, both of which come out of your policy. My ingenious plan would put some of that money in your pocket.

To hedge against the risk, you could set up a savings plan with some people you know who you consider good drivers. You’ll need to decide beforehand how to deal with ‘claims’ on this account. Anyone interested in joining the Car Insurance Is For Suckers Co-Op?

Friday night at one of the doucheiest bars in the neighborhood (infer what you want about me being there) I’m talking to a girl from Kentucky, which naturally leads to the discussion of whether she would rather marry a douche or a redneck. Her opinion: “The redneck would be nicer, but he might beat me…” she still whole-heartedly chose the hypothetical redneck for matrimony.

Another part of the exchange:

Kentucky: The douche bag would probably have more money.

Me: I think a lot of them don’t actually have much money, they just try and look like they do.

Kentucky: Ya, they spend it all on Ed Hardy shirts.

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