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I got roped into a conversation with a blind guy at the beach, he starts feeling around for his sandles, touching a couple pairs and saying ‘those aren’t mine’, I see a pair a couple feet away and say “There’s another pair over there.” That’s it. I’m a jackass, but I have excellent vision.


If you don’t have Big Boi’s new album you should go get it, and he was nice enough to link to an extra track on his twitter account.

Also, if you like Bob Marley (which you do cause everyone likes Bob Marley) and you like Mos Def, and you like good music, you should download this mixtape.

Go get some lemonade and sunglasses and your all set to enjoy the summer.

First off I don’t think Lost and WFS share much of an audience, but I feel like letting my thoughts on the show fly, so suffer through it reader. No specific spoilers here, but if your planning on watching the show you still might not want your judgment clouded by my opinions, so there’s that.

I once told a friend that I enjoyed watching Lost, but I couldn’t be sure how much I liked the show until it ended. What I think a lot of people wanted to know was whether the writers had some grand scheme in mind that would explain all (or at least most) of what was going on, or if they were just throwing stuff at us with the hope that they would be able to wrap it up at the end.

So after the finale I should be of the opinion that I don’t like the show so much, because I’m confident the latter was what was going on. To top it off the final episode wasn’t very good. But in retrospect I’m still glad a I wasted spent all those hours watching the show. I guess the conclusion was good enough (at least the island storyline, the sideways storyline can go to hell and die). The flaws of the finale, and the consequential flaws with the series, weren’t so bad as to negate how interesting it was to watch everything unfold.

While the final episode didn’t stack up against, say, any other season finale the show had, I’m having trouble remembering another series finale that I really enjoyed (other than the Wire, but it’s not fair to compare shows to the Wire). King of the Hill comes to mind, but I’m going to have to put Lost’s finale, that I didn’t like, in the running for my favorite non-Wire series finale ever.

I don’t have to be liked by everyone, certain people don’t like me, I don’t like certain people. However, I do try and live an enemy free life, keeps the drama level low. Unfortunately after two years of disagreements I have to concede that my right should is my arch-enemy. The motherfucker just does not want to let me do things I want to do, and I don’t see what it’s getting out of it. Maybe it’s lazy, it is pushing me towards a more sedintary life, free of swimming, throwing footballs and swinging my arms in a windmill like fashion for extended periods of time.

Once I have school out of the way I think I’ll work on a plan to really get back at my right shoulder. Right now, it’s trying to get me to stop typing this.


I said that before going to see Iron Man 2 and I won’t say it again. In related blogging I came across some meeting notes from the production process for said movie. Spoiler Alert! The discussion pertains to the end of the movie.

Executive One: So we bring back Robert Downey Jr, replace Terrence Howard with Don Cheedle, because my wife likes Don Cheedle, and bring in some sex appeal with the Ninja Scarlett Johanson character. What do have for a villain?

Executive Two: Well, who did Iron Man fight in the comic books?

Executive One: Doctor Doom

Executive Two: We used him in the Fantastic Four

Executive One: Okay, how about Blizzard, or Firebrand.

Executive Two: No, I’ve never heard of any of them. We need someone with name recognition. Like Mickey Rourke.

Executive One: Hmmm, does he have any superpowers?

Executive Two: Mickey Rourke? Not that I’m aware of, but he is in good shape for his age. Maybe we can do something with special effects. Give him a whip.

Executive One: Whiplash was an Iron Man villain.

Executive Two: Whatever, how did we end the first one?

Executive One: He fought another Iron Man.

Executive Two: Lets do that again, but throw the whips in to spice it up, two of ’em. If Ledger got an Oscar for the Joker role, wait’ll they see this, he didn’t even have one whip.

Personally, I think they had a blockbuster franchise with the Ninja Scarlett Johanson idea, they should have run with that.

Working out this morning I noticed a guy in his 50’s who’s workout included walking on his hands and doing some kind of one legged squat standing on a peg from the weight rack. Judging by the look of the guy, his non-conventional workout is effective.

Most people would feel a little silly walking on their hands in a 24 Hour Fitness, but the Hand Walker found something that works for him, and he’s sticking to with it, rest of the world be damned. Someone should write a children’s book about the old ripped guy at the gym.

We here at WFS wanted you all to know you are doing great.

Ty: You going to come to the Tap Room with us?

Me: I can’t, I have school work to do.

Ty: Math nerd…I’m just kidding math nerds are cool.

Chris: Except in high school, I wouldn’t want to be a math nerd in high school.

Ty: In the long run though, it’s good to be a math nerd.

Me: As t tends toward infinity…

One day some guy was hanging out with his friends, trying to tell them how great something was, and he said ‘It’s the best thing since sliced bread’. Everybody had a laugh, and the audience probably thought that guy was really clever. Then either that guy went around saying it all the time, or someone in his audience did,  otherwise we wouldn’t be saying it today. If it was the original bread slicing aficionado, he wasn’t that clever and just parroted the one clever thing he ever said. Whoever it was, a few people thought they were witty, but people who knew them well probably kept thinking ‘If I hear him talk about sliced bread one more time I’ll bunch him in the baby maker.”

Anyway, I don’t think sliced bread is that great.

But my Facebook feed is full of people sure that there team is either ruining themselves or turning into the Patriots. I’m amazed at how many people who watch Sportcenter twice a week think they are better informed than the guys who spends 80 hours a week analyzing prospects.

And most of the time both of them are wrong, every team gets busts and every team gets surprises.

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