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I want to start a charity the collects old, no longer used blue tooth headsets and gives them to mentally unbalanced people who talk to themselves, so people will think they’re just on the phone and not crazy.


I would claim to be too big to fail.

Now that his site is all but defunct, I wonder if Tom from MySpace has signed up for Facebook. He probably doesn’t have as many friends these days.

Why does Apple host movie trailers on their website? I believe they’ve been doing this since long before iTunes was selling videos, so I don’t think it’s advertising for that. If they want to host them that’s their business, I just don’t get it.

A classmate who transfered here (San Diego State) fromm UCSD once commented to me regarding the designated quiet rooms in the library that all of UCSD’s library is a quiet room. It hadn’t occured to me but the same was true at the school kind enough to give me an undergraduate education, WWU (the Harvard of directional schools).

I can tell the semester is pretty much over because State’s library is now quiet outside of the quiet rooms. It feels weird.

Then click here.

Girl: So do you want to just sit on the grass.

Guy: No, people are…walking on it.

I hear twitter’s a big deal, so I’m thinking I’ll find some really funny feeds, and then start my own feed were I pass off the best of what I read as my own work. It was the original idea for this blog, but blog posts are soooo long, who has the time? My big obstacle now is finding out what ‘twitter’ is.

and finals to study for. Got me out of having to go see the Red Bull Air races, hit up the Beach to Brewery thing or otherwise enjoy the awesome weather and stuff going on this weekend. Luckily finals will keep me busy through next weekend too, then I’ll be out of excuses for not enjoying the local awesomeness.

I have a desk of my own, and I’m surprised by how pleased it has made me. I no longer have to trek to school to do homework.

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