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Before the great robbery of ’06, I had a lot of shoes, at least by man standards. Basketball shoes, soccer shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes. They weren’t all stolen, but it was a dent in the collection. A year after the robbery I had only replaced a few pairs, hoops shoes were a necessity, new running shoes were purchased for hiking before my trip to central America.

Since moving south I have only purchased flip flops and dress shoes, so some of my kicks are getting a bit ragged. In the past few months I’ve considered replacing the running shoes, the basketball sneakers, new shoes for work, shoes for kickball.

Of course, when I was ten I had my shoes, and probably some sport specific cleats, but my shoes, whatever they were, had to make due for everything that didn’t involve a coach yelling at me. That system seemed to work pretty well. So I went out and bought a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars, just like I wore when I was ten, except I went with the low tops. I’m going to test drive life with a limited shoe collection. Start things off with kickball, try going for a jog in them. See how many pairs of shoes I really need.


What will it look like at 50?

After a few cocktails last night I ended up giving some random girl who’s shoes were hurting her a two block piggy back ride home. Towards the end I was getting pretty tired but I didn’t want to admit it and soldiered on.

In today’s busy world were it’s tough to fit in trips to the gym and the bar, this is an excellent way to get a total body workout AND work towards a liver transplant, just make sure your balance isn’t too impaired before attempting.

And for the record the piggy back ride was as intimate as things got.

Over at Marginal Revolution, one of the best blogs on the internet, Tyler Cowen pointed to this, a little project asking people what five things they do every day to stay sane. I didn’t read the original, but the MR post has plenty of good stuff one can do to chase away those voices inside your head. Tyler’s four picks are great and there are more goodies in the comments.

For me, excercise, which I don’t do daily but would like to, a few good beers, which I don’t have daily but would like to and my daily readings of Dianetics help me keep it real. I’ll work on increasing the frequency of exercise and cerveza consumption while trying to think of three more keys for sanity. Reader, feel free to leave suggestions.

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