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Dir Sir(s),

Fuck you.

Really. Finals on Saturday? And not at the start of finals week, but at the end? After most of the undergrads have recovered from their end of semester hangovers and are on their way home with a semesters worth of laundry, a few unlucky bastards have to get up for Saturday morning finals. It’s not right. Of the countless colleges and universities* we have attended San Diego State is the only one that can’t seem to contain finals week to a single work week.  We can do better. That’s all, got to go hit the books.


The Staff of Workings For Suckers

*Apparently I can’t count to three.


No class this evening ’cause it’s one of my prof’s furlough days forced upon him by the Governator and his friends due to the budget deficit. I thought I’d use the extra 2 hours I have of free time today to post my disapproval.

Ten years from now, when I’m lying in a gutter offering up statistical analysis (that I will only have vague ideas of how to perform) for food because of my spotty  graduate education I’m really going to hate Arnie.

A classmate who transfered here (San Diego State) fromm UCSD once commented to me regarding the designated quiet rooms in the library that all of UCSD’s library is a quiet room. It hadn’t occured to me but the same was true at the school kind enough to give me an undergraduate education, WWU (the Harvard of directional schools).

I can tell the semester is pretty much over because State’s library is now quiet outside of the quiet rooms. It feels weird.

and finals to study for. Got me out of having to go see the Red Bull Air races, hit up the Beach to Brewery thing or otherwise enjoy the awesome weather and stuff going on this weekend. Luckily finals will keep me busy through next weekend too, then I’ll be out of excuses for not enjoying the local awesomeness.

My intramural hoops team fell to 0 and 2 last night. Apparently putting together a team of graduate students in mathematics and statistics isn’t the best idea. On the plus side, I’ll be turning 30 in a few weeks and can still take most 20 year old’s off the dribble (about as many as I could at 20). If only I had a bunch of gym rats friends like I did ten years ago.

I also was about as ready to come to blows on the court as I’ve ever been when our opponents were pressing with a 20 point lead with 2 minutes left in the game. Poor form.

I clicked on a linked ad in gmail, How I got Into the Stanford Psychology, I didn’t look through the whole site, I’m not sure why the site is paying Google for ads, but I thought this piece of advice was interesting:

In order to gain research experience, I Emailed a few professors in nearby universities (I was living in Manhattan at the time), explaining my situation and asking if I could work/volunteer at their labs. One of them agreed quite readily. I volunteered there, working with one of his post-docs, for over 6 months (8-15 hours every week). That professor ended up writing me a recommendation.

Having considered grad school in several subjects since getting my undergrad degree, this seems like a great idea if you want to do something drastically different than what you have experience in. I’m not sure my reader will find this useful, but maybe someone will stumble on the blog who does.

Back in the late 90’s my sister made a habit of pointing out how high her college ranked among small liberal arts schools. My institution of choice might not have cracked any top ten lists yet, but Kiplinger puts it at #38 for best values in the country. Hey Sara, how those student loans treating you?

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