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me: I try not to worry about # of readers, I fear it could lead to compromising my high standards of blogging to pander to the masses

David: not surprising

David’s new status message – 12:28 PM

David: I respect that, your like the anti-Kanye West

me: I get that a lot

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I’m guessing on the V. Dave Keenie, aka the Pit won the Working’s For Suckers Header Competition that No One Will Enter or WFSHCNOWE for short. Prize to be determined, but it will most likely be digital, since the better part of a reasonably large continent is between us and I don’t have his mailing address.

Unfortunately, the bastard’s at WordPress, who host this blog and provide all these themes completely free of charge, force the header to be proportional 720 x 180 pixels, so I had to crop the prize winning photo. I hope to do some photoshop work or something to add width to the winner so the whole pic will get on the header.

I was surprised that two of my one readers claim to make use of the widgets, so I they are back at the top of the page.

If anyone would like to create a 720 x 180 pixel header for me using the winning picture, I’ve included it below.


Maybe I’ve had too much caffeine, but I think I’m going to try and increase my blogging rate. I was intending to say I’ll post once a day, but now that I’m writing that seems daunting. Six posts a week is my goal. To sustain this I’m going to try aim for short posts. I wouldn’t expect this to last long.

I just checked the blog stats for the first time in a while and was suprised to see that we here at WFS had one of our busiest days ever just a bit back on February 15. Apparently a lot of people came by after googling ‘Arm Hang’, and then passing up on thousands of more appropriate sites.

It might be time to take WFS in an elementary school phys ed direction.

So according to the interwebs, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, say it out loud, it’s fun) and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo, suprisingly dissapointing to pronounce).

The former is a project for people to hunker down and write 175 page novel in November. It’s been my experience that people fall into three camps of personal novel writing confidence. A few people have actually written novels, a decent number of people don’t think they could write a decent novel, and most people seem to think that if they could find the time, there book would be fucking amazing. I fall into the later, so I considered taking part in NaNoWriMo when I heard about it.

NaBloPoMo is a project to get bloggers to post daily, not nearly as big a commitment as throwing out a novel in one month. It’s supposed to be an alternative to NaNoWriMo for would-be-writers with no attention span.

It seems a bit unfair of the NaBloPoMo folks to go with November, after the NaNoWriMo folks had layed their literary teeth into it. Not just to NaNoWriMo, but to all the writers out there who would like to take part in both. The blog folks could’ve made theirs a bit easier and picked February, it would be a good project to share with Black History Month, as anyone short on material could post about Frederick Douglass or Malcom X.

I suppose one could try and write a novel, broken out into 30 blog posts. Feel free to steal that idea, but I’d appreciate a dedication to Working’s For Suckers and a link on your blog. I’m not going to do either, I like the idea of skipping work and being anti-social so I can drink latte’s while writing feverishly in the local Starbucks, I think I’m going to make November FiMeNeJoMo (I’ll let you try and figure that one out).

So I wrote some blog posts yesterday. They weren’t my best work, but still brilliant. I enjoy blogging. I also enjoy not sitting in front of computers.

As I see it, my predicament has three solutions: indulge my love of blogging and spend too much time in front of the old Acer (I should give it a proper name, a post for another day), throw my computer in the back of my closet and go enjoy the big crazy world out there (I could be in Tijuana in fifteen minutes…) or invent a device that would allow me to blog without the computer.

I’m not sure I have the technical know-how for option three, but it is an intriguing challenge. An easier solution might be to hire someone in the developing world to take dictation (over the phone of course) and turn it into blog posts. I wouldn’t even have to think of a name for him, he would probably already have one. Take that computer.

Last time I said I was going to try and start blogging more often. I haven’t. I’ve started to think I spend enough time in front of the computer at work, sitting in front of it after (like I’m doing now) seems a little silly. We’ll see how the blog goes.

I came across this paper via the Freakonomics link. Ya, I’m too lazy too actually put in the link on the hat tip. An economist decided that his contribution to man’s collective knoweldge should be to study Pirate decision making, and how rational it is. Even if that sounds boring, the papers pretty interesting. If you think Pirates are neat-o, and in who doesn’t in this Johny Depp loving world? Other paper’s by the same guy here, haven’t read the rest but some sound interesting. Economic justification for anarchy anyone?

…and one of the three I read just about every day is, er, was the Freakonomics blog. They took their blogging to the New York Times. The New York Times has several interesting blogs, but they only have partial feeds, and I read my blogs in a feed reader. So I now I can read the first few lines of the Freakonomics blog in Google Reader and decide if I want to visit the site. I’m thinking of boycotting all New York Times blogs, that’ll show ’em!

In happier news Asymmetrical Information moved from  their own host with partial feeds to the Atlantic with full feeds. So that’ll replace some of my reading. Unfortunately, its not as good a blog.

I promise not to move Working’s For Suckers to the Times unless they promise full feeds. There is no danger of that happening.

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