Before the great robbery of ’06, I had a lot of shoes, at least by man standards. Basketball shoes, soccer shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes. They weren’t all stolen, but it was a dent in the collection. A year after the robbery I had only replaced a few pairs, hoops shoes were a necessity, new running shoes were purchased for hiking before my trip to central America.

Since moving south I have only purchased flip flops and dress shoes, so some of my kicks are getting a bit ragged. In the past few months I’ve considered replacing the running shoes, the basketball sneakers, new shoes for work, shoes for kickball.

Of course, when I was ten I had my shoes, and probably some sport specific cleats, but my shoes, whatever they were, had to make due for everything that didn’t involve a coach yelling at me. That system seemed to work pretty well. So I went out and bought a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars, just like I wore when I was ten, except I went with the low tops. I’m going to test drive life with a limited shoe collection. Start things off with kickball, try going for a jog in them. See how many pairs of shoes I really need.