I’ve been thinking of writing my city councilman a letter suggesting San Diego pass a law requiring anyone with Arizona plates be pulled over and shown proof of citizenship in our great town. My motivation was to give the crackers from Arizona who drive around town like morons all summer a little taste of their own medicine. Then it occurred to me that not all the Arizonans who come to visit are crackers, and it would really suck for the Phoenix hispanic population to get treated like that at home and on vacation.

And I can’t help but wonder how many of the folks out there who are supporting the wave of thinly veiled racist laws they are passing realize that they are doing a wonderful job of replacing the deep south as the geographic region best known for bigotry. Maybe they realize it and they’re proud, I don’t know.

And for any Arizonans who happen to come across this (not likely given the WFS popularity), I know you don’t all think everyone with brown skin should have to show their papers like Jews in Nazi Germany, but I’d prefer if you’d take that up  with your representatives before you take it up with my comments section.