I said that before going to see Iron Man 2 and I won’t say it again. In related blogging I came across some meeting notes from the production process for said movie. Spoiler Alert! The discussion pertains to the end of the movie.

Executive One: So we bring back Robert Downey Jr, replace Terrence Howard with Don Cheedle, because my wife likes Don Cheedle, and bring in some sex appeal with the Ninja Scarlett Johanson character. What do have for a villain?

Executive Two: Well, who did Iron Man fight in the comic books?

Executive One: Doctor Doom

Executive Two: We used him in the Fantastic Four

Executive One: Okay, how about Blizzard, or Firebrand.

Executive Two: No, I’ve never heard of any of them. We need someone with name recognition. Like Mickey Rourke.

Executive One: Hmmm, does he have any superpowers?

Executive Two: Mickey Rourke? Not that I’m aware of, but he is in good shape for his age. Maybe we can do something with special effects. Give him a whip.

Executive One: Whiplash was an Iron Man villain.

Executive Two: Whatever, how did we end the first one?

Executive One: He fought another Iron Man.

Executive Two: Lets do that again, but throw the whips in to spice it up, two of ’em. If Ledger got an Oscar for the Joker role, wait’ll they see this, he didn’t even have one whip.

Personally, I think they had a blockbuster franchise with the Ninja Scarlett Johanson idea, they should have run with that.