Cause your the only ten I see.

That’s a Paulson quote, and those could have made a blog of their own before he got all married and stuff. I thought it would be a good lead into my rant about how much I hate the University of Tennessee’s men’s basketball team, which I meant to write a week ago but I’ve been busy (no I haven’t).

I used to think Bruce Pearl was cool, how he fake tanned his skin to an oragne-ish hue to go along with the team uniforms, and how he play’s his son all the time, the one who clearly should not be playing in the SEC. It all made him seem like a jack ass, but an immensely loyal one. I can respect that.

Then he and his team had the nerve to knock out my Aztecs, just barely but they did. I wasn’t shocked, but that doesn’t mean I like it. My view started to shift, Pearl is one of those coaches who recruits athletes before basketball players, then let’s them run wild around campus.Then they knocked out Ohio State. I’m not an OSU fan, all though as a former bench warmer I’m fond of Mark Titus. I did have the Buckeyes winning in my pool. That seems unlikely after the Tennessee loss.

Bruce Pearl owes me five dollars.