That might be true, but it is widely believed in San Diego. The following illustrates a hypothesis for that belief (and a little bracket advice):

me:  How far you think your Huskies could go?

Sent at 6:11 PM on Wednesday
Spencer:  Hell yeah.  But probably Baylor has a better shot.  And Kansas has an actual shot
me:  Baylor huh?
They are in the weakest bracket
Spencer:  Dark horse.
me:  UW got a solid draw, Marquette is ok but New Mexico is way overrated
good shot at the sweet 16
Spencer:  I like it.
me:  What are you doing tomorrow? You should fly down, Zac and Miller time are coming to town
Spencer:  I’m in Tucson.  I’m gonna drink beer and play golf and drink beer for a week.
me:  Your always in AZ
Spencer:  Aye
me:  Got a girl there?
Sent at 6:16 PM on Wednesday
Spencer:  No.  Although, I could if I wanted I guess.  There’s a girl in Globe that has made her intentions known.  But I’m in Tucson kicking it with my dad
me:  Are drivers there bad? San Diegans think Arizonans can’t drive, I think it’s cause all the ones here don’t know where they are going cause they’re from out of town
San Diegans argue with my hypothesis
Sent at 6:18 PM on Wednesday
Spencer:  Not sure.  But folks from Washington think drivers from BC and Oregon are bad drivers.  This fits with your hypothesis.
Sent at 6:20 PM on Wednesday
Spencer:  One thing I’ve heard about BC drivers is that the Freeway systems are different up there.  If you miss an exit it is generally much farther to get turned around than it is down here.  Therefore you see Cannucks backing up to get off the freeway.
Sent at 6:22 PM on Wednesday
me:  Oregonians drive slow. Their speed limits are lower but it seems to me that slow driving training crosses state boundaries
So maybe it’s not just knowing where you are going, but normal driving standards vary by region
acceptable in one place but unexpected and dangerous in the next
Spencer:  Yes.  So differences in driving laws from state to state cause misunderstandings
me:  Fascinating
Spencer:  We’ve solved a pretty interesting question here.  We should be published to the masses in some way.
me:  You want me to copy this onto the blog?
Sent at 6:26 PM on Wednesday
Spencer:  Yeah, we could start an internet craze.  We’ll be typing stuff to each other for money before we know it.
me:  Should I change your name to, you know, protect your identity?
Spencer:  I’m not afraid.
me:  And you shouldn’t be
Spencer:  Excellent.  We’ll I’m going to eat dinner now.  Good things.
Sent at 6:32 PM on Wednesday