…from the game of basketball. I haven’t made up my mind, but I’m considering it. At some point in my mid-twenties I remember telling friends that I needed to take up a sport that suited itself to old age. Old guys can play basketball, but not well, and it’s funny to watch.

I’ve found the geographic separation from my gym rat friends in Washington frustrating. I think I’m on my fifth rec league team since moving to the Sun Shine state and all but one have frustrated the hell out of me. Growing up a got to be Bruce Bowen (circa 2002), play my role and when some games. Lately I’ve found myself forced into the role of Chris Paul. Or to be more realistic, probably Danny Granger.

Turns out I hate having to be Danny Granger. While I won’t make my retirement official now, I will announce that Danny Granger is my least favorite player in the NBA, cause that dueche gets millions of dollars to put up with the bullshit.

Please leave suggestions for my old man sport in the comments, and I’m an hour drive to the nearest curling rink, so lets leave that one out Spence.