The Koala is San Diego State’s satirical newspaper. I’m not sure if satirical is the right word, but it’s supposed to be funny, and incredibly offensive. I’m not easily offended, except by things that are trying to be funny and aren’t. In that respect I found Koala issues I read incredibly offensive.

This week some of SDSU’s best and brightest engaged in the college tradition of protest, and the Koala was there target. This was instigated by an article in last months issue. Due to the seemingly ongoing reports of rapes and sexual abuse around campus, the Koala published an article or flowchart on how to rape a girl without getting caught (I read this in the sucks-for-entirely-different-reasons official school paper, so if I’m getting my facts wrong, well whatever). So to review, girls get sexually assaulted with at least some degree of regularity around campus, the Koala writes/jokes about this in poor taste, and SDSU students get fired up about…the bad article? It seems the subject of the article should be drawing more fire than the writing, but maybe I’m missing something.

Koala back issues here not sure which one is the offending issue or if it has been removed, but I wouldn’t recommend downloading any of them.