The girl in the chair next to me was a stripper. The woman cutting her hair was a former stripper. They agreed that stripping was better in the good old days, for the hair cuttee that was three years ago, the cutter I’d guess early 90’s.

If you were wondering what an ex-stripper and current exotic dancer will talk about, the conversation went through different quality fake breasts amongst dancers (most aren’t up to their high strippery standards), how and whether the profession should be hid from ones significant other (hard to do) and how one should be prepare for life after stripping (ie your late twenties).

Not sure how this comes off, but I’m not trying to insult girls who choose to strip, I just thought it was interesting to listen to. For the record, if I could make big money for showing people my balls I probably would, and the thought of being paid for that makes me giggle or “lol”.