I don’t know if the Lasik has made it into the blog, but it happened. Shortly after the car wreck, which did make the blog. Along with a few other of life’s little costs, my bank account has been hit pretty hard lately. I’m going to try not to whine about that to much, I would like to tell my reader I feel very lucky that all this has only been an inconvenience for me. A big inconvenience, but I won’t go hungry or lose my home. While I may not be able to call on a large blog-following when I need help, I’m even luckier to know that if things got worse I have friends and family that would keep me afloat.

So while I’m not broke, I have been trying to cut back on my discretionary spending in an attempt to get back some of the savings I’ve lost. One thing I’ve learned lately is you never know when you might need a few bucks. Self enforced frugality has helped me get a nice perspective. Eating out less, cutting back on buying random stuff like books and DVD’s. Drinking less good beer (and perhaps more bad). And I can’t say I’m a tiny bit less happy than I would be if I was still throwing cash around.

Not to say I won’t ditch the frugality, I just think it’s healthy to get an idea of when a dollar does, and does not bring a smile to my face. I know ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ isn’t exactly a new idea to push, I guess my point is you might want to try putting the idea into practice every once in a while just to take stock.