So word is my trusty whip might be headed to the junkyard. It’s not a done deal, but I’m thinking about what my next mode of transportation will be. I haven’t decided how much of my bank account I want to throw at this venture, which leads to a pretty wide array of choices. I feel like I should get something inexpensive to drive for a year or two until I cash in on the big MASTER OF SCIENCE payday I’ve got coming my way when I finish school next fall. Unless I decide not to cash in, in which case the cheap car will make sense anyway.

But I just don’t feel like a Scion kind of guy. And after all, the most important part of a car is what it says about you. My WRX seemed to fit me, it’s not too flashy, but it’s fast and says ‘Hey, I like to do stuff, so I got a car with all wheel drive so I can get to that stuff’. I’m considering just picking up a newer one. But I think the car that would really tell the world what I’m about is…wait for it…wait….a Hummer. Well, maybe not. But sometimes I feel like being a bit more of an asshole would be good for me, and everyone who drives a Hummer is an asshole (scientific fact). So if I got one, I’d be a bit more of an asshole, and stop being so damn nice to everyone and avoiding confrontation.

I’d be interested to know what car my reader thinks would best tell the world who’s driving by when I’m out and about. I’m not set on the Hummer.