I like the title, I might have to make that a regular WFS feature. So I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 14 years driving too close to the car in front of me. I have also encouraged many friends to get in fender benders with attractive women, thus requiring said women to fork over their phone number. This morning the logical conclusion of those two habits happened. I rear ended a cute girl, and got not one, but two cute girls phone numbers.

Cutie A saw a bum who looked like he wanted to cross the street and did the natural thing one does when they are in heavy traffic turning onto a freeway on ramp and one spots a bum, slammed on the breaks as hard as she could. Cutie B then smacked Cutie A in the bumper, and slammed into Cutie B’s bumper. This sounds more fun than it was. The previously mentioned bum helped me push my car to the side of the road before scurrying off.

Nobody was hurt, info was exchanged, I have two cute girls phone numbers. And the question is, would it be creepy to attempt to use these numbers to get a date? I suppose I only need one of the two girls to answer ‘no’ to make this a viable option.

On the down side of the incident, my car is fucked up, I don’t know how long it will be before I can drive again. That means my commute will triple in time (assuming Google’s estimate of the trip is accurate), and if it isn’t road worthy by the time school starts I’m going to have 3+ hours of commuting to do everyday. On the whole I would not recommend this as an effective strategy to meet women.