NDWHPCwSH III has come and gone. Oddly no one brought a camera so there were few commemorative photo’s this year, although a motorist stopped to have everyone have their picture taken with his car (?). It’s on an iPhone somewhere and I’ll try and update this post if I can find it.

The fact that I’m not posting until two days later might indicate something about this years event, or at least it’s lasting effect on my aging liver. As with previous years I would venture to say good times were had by all, although holding it on the 26th of December lead to several passer-by’s commenting that Christmas was over. It also lead to a smaller turnout, as the only attendee’s were folks who celebrated Christmas in the ‘ham.

After the pub crawl list was completed we attempted to barter down (small) cover charges for the group with very limited effectiveness, which prompted me to go on a short lived campaign discouraging bar-goers to avoid establishments who expected us to give up the full amount to enter.

Next year I hope to return the event to the traditional Saturday before Christmas, but it’s about 11 months too early to commit to that.