Go here to get $3 bucks at the Amazon mp3 store, which, for unrelated reasons is no longer my music vendor of choice. I’m all about LaLa now, you can listen to an entire song (once) before you buy, and they keep track of what you own and you can stream it those tracks from any computer you choose. That’s not for suckers. You have to use the Amazon money by the end of the month (that’s November 09 to those of you who enjoy reading old WFS posts).

Go here to get a free remix of the Beastie Boys Check Your Head. It’s Check Your Head over other Beastie Boy instrumentals, done by the Jaydiohead guy.

Go here to get some free mashups of one of my five favorite Somali rappers, K’naan, over various music legends. You should also check out k’naan’s last album Troubador, but that’ll cost you some duckets.