Once upon a time a created a magical Excel spreadsheet to tell me where I wanted to eat. I didn’t think it was magical when I made it, but after consulting it on several occasions I found I was always satisfied with my meal when I followed it’s direction and often disapointed when I ignored it’s results.

This flowchart has given me some inspiration for possible upgrades to that spreadsheet, which I no longer have.The flowchart is somewhat disappointing for, as the first three questions show I will always end up at In-N-Out or Jack in the Box if I use it. I’m not sure why that’s disapointing, if I eat fast food it is at Jack in the Box, In-N-Out or the Costco food court. Perhaps it should have an added branch asking if the reader is in need of massive amounts of t.p.

If any venture capitalists are reading this I would be more than happy to take your money to develop a suite of applications to help the masses decide were to eat.