Another Slate article I read when I should’ve been working was on books to teach men to be men. Nothing in there got me running to Boarders, but it did get me thinking about the way a man should behave when he lives on the West Coast as opposed to back East or Europe.

The books in the article seemed to be filled with all kinds of things men should always do and never do, but a proper West Coaster would be too relaxed to have rules that can never be broken. The rules of dress would be different as well, the formality of the New England gentleman would not be appropriate in California, it would step too far outside the norms and probably make some insecure men in jeans uncomfortable. I would think any kind of gentleman would do his best to avoid making others uncomfortable.

These are just some opening thoughts on the subject, a semi-definitive guide would be helpful for teenage Seattlites and East Coast transplants, perhaps something to work on.