You know what the problem with beer is? Sometimes it causes one to not be on top of ones situation. I went to the Stay Classey tailgate party this weekend, consisting of music, drinks and a Padres game. Unfortunatley when I got there and started drinking (it was very hot out), I didn’t realize I was at the second stage. By the time I figured this out I had missed the main act and had to take the consolation prize of watching the Padres almost win a game.

Adding to the fun of the Padres was some old drunks (both older and drunker than I) sitting behind me. At one point my trip to the bathroom coincided with them getting a talking to from security. I didn’t notice but apparently they thought I had narced on them and made some comments when my friends and I left in the 9th. This was pointed out to me later, as I had already tuned them out. Had I heard them I would have responded with ‘Your girlfriend is fat’. Which I have decided is an all purpose way to win an argument with any guy who’s girlfriend is, well, kind of fat. All though not sinking to their level was probably a better way to handle the situation.

Sunday I tagged along with my roomate to the U.S. Open Sand Castle building contest. On the whole I was dissapointed with the castles (I think one was actually a castle, most were tributes to Michael Jackson or confusing political statements). I’m thinking of training for next years contest, but not sinking to their level is probably a better way to handle the situation. If your thinking of going in the future, I’d advise against it, it’s mildly entertaining but Imperial beach can’t handle the massive influx of humanity, and just finding a parking spot was a chore.