so I came into work early so I could go look at an apartment at 4:30. Apparently a lot of property management companies can only show places between 9 to 5, which seems like it would make it hard to find employed people. This place sounded good on paper, so I adjusted my work schedule so the people trying to rent me a place wouldn’t have to.

I got their and it seemed like what I was looking for, neat little cottage type right by the beach, with it’s own garage. I took an application thinking if it had a garage it would be great. And as I was walking away I realized it was basically in the back yard of two of San Diego’s biggest clubs. I like having a watering hole in walking distance, but shouting distances has some definite disadvantages.

I checked out one more place (decent, but farther from the beach and no patio/deck/outside kicking it area) and was getting a little tired of trying to find the right place. As I cruised back out to my current pad on the eastside of town in a mixed neighborhood, seeing folks who looked like they were struggling to get by in San Diego I got some good perspective on my situation.

I might be having trouble finding a place that seems just right, but I’m pretty damn lucky to have been born and raised so that I could choose to move to a beautiful place like San Diego, with it’s ridiculous housing costs, and have gotten the education to sit in an air conditioned office all day, get my paycheck and be able to afford to have to choose between by own place by the bay or the beach. If you read this regularly you’ve probably lead a similarly charmed life. Try and keep it in perspective.

And if your looking for a place to live try using padmapper. And if you have have rental properties make sure your property management will show them after 5.