Having rejoined the workforce, yesterday was my first Saturday where I needed to Enjoy Life because I’m confined to a sad, sad cubicle the rest of the week. I started my day with a train ride up the coast. The Coaster, which connects America’s Finest City to what is fondly creatively referred to around these parts as the North County provides some nice views of the ocean, beaches and the Del Mar racetrack. I don’t ride trains very often, but apparently I find them soothing. Maybe I should move to Europe.

When I got to Carlsbad I met up with a friend for the 12th Annual Real Ale Fest at the local Pizza Port. They had 50 kegs of beer (supposedly, some were tapped out when we got there at 1:30) from micro brews across the western U.S. A tried plenty of good but not great beer, 4 ounces at a time. A fellow beer taster couldn’t handle his four ounces, and vomitted on the ground right next to me. No attempt to go to a bathroom or away from the large crowd, just look at the ground and let it fly. I was in the splatter zone.

After getting our fill of barley pop’s, we moved on to the Pizza Port for some food. While waiting in line, a former drinking/basketball buddy from my undergraduate days saw me and came over to chat. This was surprising because he lives in Oregon. After that chat I got another call from another alumnus of the Harvard of Directional Schools, or my phone said it was. In fact it was some girl who didn’t identify herself who was letting me know that Dave (name removed to protect identity) was standing naked in a puddle with a viking helmet on. Go Vikings! I told her to take a picture, no word on whether or not she did.

The day was finished off by swinging by a small get together a friend was having were I met the most obnoxious person I can remember talking to. At various points in the conversation she asked me and a friend if we had jobs in an accusing fashion, then followed that up with “But do you have real jobs?” And several times mentioned for some reason that she had taken business statistics, like that made her an authority on something, I’m not sure what (I didn’t mention my academic background). She also complained that San Diego men don’t have proper drive like Orange County men, an odd statement from a person living in Eastlake (not exactly Laguna Beach or La Jolla).