The job I interviewed for last week just informed me they are doing the background check, which in my experience means that they’ll offer me a job soon provided I didn’t lie on the application. I don’t think I did.

I’m tempted to buy a plane ticket to squeeze a little vacation in between school and the coming horror that is cubicle life. I could leave next week after I visit grandma for a week, be gone for about a week and probably be back before they want me to start work. Sounds perfect.

But what if they want me to start sooner? I already told the man I’m pretty much available, I could probably talk my way out of this, as it would only be a couple of days difference anyway.

Of course, they haven’t offered me the job, and I’d really regret dropping X dollars on a vacation if I came home and didn’t have work. Assuming I told the truth on the application, how risky is it for me to assume a job offer is coming at this point in the process?

I was looking at tickets to Bogota and Costa Rica. I also looked at Mexico City, it looks like the airlines have a swine flu discount going on there that might be hard to pass up.