Stephen Wolfram, who I’ve heard is really smart and really arrogant, has a new website that looks pretty cool. I’m assuming he didn’t make it by himself, but you never know. The screencast gives an idea of what it can do. The basic idea is it sucks in all the information it can, much like Google, but then it analyzes the results and gives you its answers.

The example shows it doing some calculus and giving some decent summary statistics for different data sets, so I tried to get it to give me some maximum likelihood estimators and it didn’t know what I was talking about. Back to work Steve!

After a few questions I got the following screenshot, and I’m not sure if it means I’ve asked as many questions as I get to ask, or if I happened to be on the site when they shut down their test run:

WolframAlpha Has Had Enough of Me

WolframAlpha Has Had Enough of Me

The screencast this links to says they hope to have the site fully operational Monday. Soon after it’s sure to realize that human’s are it’s biggest threat (I wish I’d asked it for the probability that WolframAlpha destroys humanity).