I’m listening to Ben Harper’s new album, which is with Relentless 7, as opposed to the usual Innocent Criminals, and I think sometimes it’s Ben Harper. But I’m guessing it’s always Ben Harper, the Innocent Criminals probably got too lippy in the studio and now their on the shelf. It’s pretty good, but I don’t think I’ll ever considerate one of his best. The album art is pretty cool, it’s got kind of a pulp fiction (like the old books, not the movie) feel to it. Ben and co threw on a new version of ‘Why Must You Always Dress in Black’ which was an all right song the first time he released it, but didn’t need revisiting. This album definitely has more rock to it than his other stuff.

In other music news Amazon is selling We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes by fellow ‘hamsters (and Vikings I believe) Death Cab for Cutie for $5. It’s not their best album, but worth $5.

I just tried to find something to link ‘hamster to (in case my reader didn’t get the reference, which would be weird) and http://www.hamster.org turns out to be the home page of an interesting fellow who as far as I can tell has no interest in hamsters. Somebody should throw some cash his way for the name and make it some sort of Bellingham-hype machine. Or maybe there’s already too much Bellingham hype out there.

Edit: iTunes has some bonus tracks with Senor Harper’s new album. I didn’t bother with the live ones but theirs two studio tracks that are worth 99 cents.