Hey reader, I’ve been considering a shift in my academic pursuits, and was curious if you had any advice for me. Not that you have any particular qualifications for this kind of thing, but you read the blog, and decisions like this will affect the blog. We’re in this together.

Despite no classwork in the subject I’ve been interested in economics for a while. I think it’s the analytical approach to real world problems. Unlike math and stats, which take analytical approaches to problems involving meaningless numbers. It’s crossed my mind to take some econ classes as I work towards my Masters and then go get a phd in the subject with a focus on development economics.

Development economics is of particular interest because I’d be trying to help the less fortunate (at least theoretically), I’d get to travel to developing countries, which sounds exciting, and it sounds noble, which I think might help with the ladies. I’m not sure how well the last part would work out, as a lot of ladies would think, hey thats great, but why don’t you go make lots of money instead? Unless they smell like petuli oil, but then why would I care what they think?

The probability I follow through on this proposed plan is small (p=.073). A big reason is I’m getting a bit old to try and get a Phd in a subject I have no background in. Regardless I’d like to hear your thoughts, would this be a good line of work for me? Do you think that it would be a good direction to take WFS?

Thanks reader!