I’ve recently realized that it’s shocking what a responsible person my high school buddy MC (only part of his name has become) over the last five years. He holds down a good job, owns a house and doesn’t need to attend AA. This would’ve been a hard future to imagine for him ten years ago. I attribute much of his responsibility to his special lady, who he had the good sense to lock down last Friday, making her Mrs. MC Dude and checking off 2 of my 3 steps of growing up. I skipped four classes to hang out on Maui for the wedding. Now I own a winestopper!

Being a small destination wedding, I got to know every attenddee under 40 a little bit. One of the brides college friends (go Vikings!) brought her husband. They live in Alaska and are snowboarding bums. She’s a waitress and he does web design. Web design apparently allows him to choose what days he works and what days. So when the powder comes down he abandons his keyboard for chair lifts. He was also very fond of wasabe.

This got me thinking, as I often do, about how I should be living my life. Grad school is okay, it does give me freedom to do what I want about 1/4 of the year (if not much money to do it with). But I couldn’t help be a bit jealous of this guy who could travel all over the world snowboarding and fill in the free time with some work. As far as I could tell, he isn’t getting rich, at least not monetarily, but isn’t the point of getting rich so you can go on ski trips? I didn’t come to any life altering conclusions, just thinking I’d like to find similar freedom in my post academic life (if that day ever comes).

I’d also like to say if you go to Maui stop by the Maui Brewing Company and order the Coconut Porter, and grab a few growlers of it on the way out. I’m philosophically opposed to beer that tastes like anything other than beer, but coconut gets the WFS Seal of Approval.