I’m guessing on the V. Dave Keenie, aka the Pit won the Working’s For Suckers Header Competition that No One Will Enter or WFSHCNOWE for short. Prize to be determined, but it will most likely be digital, since the better part of a reasonably large continent is between us and I don’t have his mailing address.

Unfortunately, the bastard’s at WordPress, who host this blog and provide all these themes completely free of charge, force the header to be proportional 720 x 180 pixels, so I had to crop the prize winning photo. I hope to do some photoshop work or something to add width to the winner so the whole pic will get on the header.

I was surprised that two of my one readers claim to make use of the widgets, so I they are back at the top of the page.

If anyone would like to create a 720 x 180 pixel header for me using the winning picture, I’ve included it below.