…is throw away my bucket list. I have a friend who’s making a career out of being a life coach and encouraging people to follow their dreams. She is big on ‘Dream Lists’. Stuff you really want to do, and I wish her the best in this. Her dream list recently popped up on Facebook so I checked it out. It got me wondering what good a list like this would do me.

My motivation for throwing the list out, is what happens when your on your death bed and you you’ve only scratched off half the list? I guess a well adjusted person would look at what they had done, and not what they hadn’t. Or what if you finally make out with a Finn, scratch it off your list and have nothing left to do? If you’d forget a ‘dream’ if it wasn’t on the list, how much did you really want it?

I see how the list is good motiviation to keep life in perspective, follow your dreams, etc etc. And for some people that’s probably going to help them. In the last three years I’ve quit my job to go travel exotic locals. Twice. I don’t think I need that kind of motivation. In fact, if I’m going to keep a list of goals they should probably be professional ones, if I had any.

Speaking of, I should get back to studying. I’d be interested in what my reader, who spends a lot of time at the office thinks on the subject. I am also accepting suggestions for personal goals I should have.