I like checking out the movie review blurbs on Rotten Tomatoes for really bad movies, as they’re often pretty funny in how they blast a given flick. I hoped for something along those lines with the new Fast & Furious movie but I ended up laughing at the critics, not with them.

Wendy Ide of the Times (UK) says

This is dumb, loud and fast, with a questionable attitude towards road safety and a supporting cast apparently recruited for their tattoos rather than their acting ability.

Questionable attitude towards road safety? I guess she doesn’t get the point of the franchise.

Simon Reynolds of Digital Spy had this to say:

Ultimately, there is nothing on offer here but speed and fury. If you’re tempted to revisit something of this ilk, watch The Fast And The Furious, or better still track down the vastly superior cop-in-the-criminal-underworld action flick Point Break.

Now I love Point Break for it’s camp value as much as the next child of the 80’s, but lets not start pretending it’s Citizen Cane. And I wouldn’t be surprised if 20 years from now people look at the first Fast and the Furious in the same way we (half) jokingly love Point Break.

And the prize for trying hardest to get on promo ads goes to Can Magazine’s Fred Topel:

The fastest, most furious movie ever. It is so fast, you’ll be furious with excitement. I’m going to try to write my review fast, but that might make my editor furious.

I’m sure that was meant in jest, but the review was counted as positive by RT. I can’t imagine the film would entertain me as much as these reviews, so I’ll hold off till it’s on USA on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Thankfully it doesn’t rain very often here.