I’ve been getting a lot of complaints about the lack of volume on the blog. I guess my one reader is the whiny type. Just kidding reader, we need each other. So to try and quench the insatiable thirst for knowledge about my life, I’m tapping away at the keyboard.

So I finished my spring break Sunday. Unlike my undergrad days, I didn’t spend anytime getting horribly drunk (maybe a little tipsy once or twice). In a manner befitting my first spring break as a 30-something, I re-organized my to do list and applied for Summer jobs. Despite the title of the blog, I actually don’t mind working so much, and I’m not just saying that on the off chance a potential employer makes the connection between this blog and my resume, but looking for work is near the top of my list of least favorite activities. It’s in between frisbee golf and calling the DMV.

I’m thinking the lack of blogging might’ve been a lack of good material, I try and leave the duller parts of my life out of the blog-o-sphere. I guess there was a Vegas trip that got no post, but then what happens in Vegas, etc. The lesson here is I need to get out from behind the stat books and do something worth writing about so I don’t have to tell you people about re-organizing my to do list. I keep it on todoist.com. Good website, check it out.