Yesterday, UConn played Pitt in a match up of the first and third ranked college basketball teams in the country. As I write this Duke is playing North Carolina, the latest installment in the best rivalry in college hoops. Great weekend for college basketball. Too bad I’m missing it, or half of it to be more precise.

The local CBS affiliate went to UConn-Pitt at 10 o’clock pacific yesterday. The game was at half time. Apparently Saturday morning cartoons pull in pretty good ratings around here. I turned on the tv at one looking forward to Duke-UNC, but was greeted with a HUMANE SOCIETY TELETHON! I checked the schedule, it ends at 2:00, so again I’ll get the second half.

I find it hard to believe these decisions are profitable ones, but maybe nobody digs college hoops in San Diego. I wonder what they’ll be playing during the Final Four?