I’m fond of low brow comedies. The kind of movies that don’t try and do anything but make you laugh. The kind of movies that made Adam Sandler a star so he could start making movies that aren’t funny. Movies with Will Farrel, Vince Vaughn, or Seth Rogan. The plot is often based around a guy trying to get a girl, they don’t seem to put much emphasis around plot. That doesn’t bother me.

I just watched Zac and Miri make a porno, it was funny. Rent it. At the end, right when it’s getting really cheezey and lame, Zac and Miri telling each other how much they love each, a naked Jay (form Jay and Silent Bob) walks up to Zac and starts talking about a Dutch rudder. You grab your special purpose and have some one else move your arm around. So you aren’t masterbating, because somebody else is doing the work. Hilarious! Then the movie gets cheezey again.

What I propose to Hollywood is they stop forcing the guy and the girl get together at the end of these flicks. Make the end like the rest of the movie, a couple of scenes soley devoted to making me laugh, even if you don’t get the happy ending. Like Zac and Miri could have decided they didn’t love each other, they really loved making porn. That could’ve been funny. Porn is funnier than people falling in love.