A few days ago I gave my thoughts on a NY Times article about the places us Americans want to live. I came across this lifehacker post on the least and most expensive places to live. Here are my thoughts.

  • Only a few of the ten most expensive cities are on the lten places people wanted to live list, which makes me wonder why people don’t just move? Maybe they are.
  • When I was moving to San Diego from Bellingham, I lot of people commented on how expensive it is. My thought was it would be comprable to Seattle (which is were most Bellinghamsters move to). Seattle hit #10 on the spendy list, my new home isn’t on the list.
  • Mount Vernon, 30 miles south of Bellingham, is surprisingly on the list of most expenisve small towns. I guess people are willing to pay a ‘tulip tax’. Odd.
  • Scranton was 10 on the cheapest places to live, so it shouldn’t have been that tough for Jim to buy his parents house.

If Tulip tax becomes a common phrase in northwest Washington, I expect you all to remember were it started.