One of my three most hated sports franchises, the Oklahoma City Weasels Thunder made one of the best trades of the year the other day when they unloaded a couple of mediocre big men to New Orleans for Tyson Chandler, the strong rebounder and defensive presence the franchise destroyed itself chasing. The Hornets were unloading Chandler in an attempt to avoid the luxory cap.

This made me sad, as I have taken great pleasure in watching OKC suck after bolting from Seattle. However their young talent has started to show some promise, and adding Chandler would have put them in a position to possibly contend in a couple of years.

Then Chandler didn’t pass his physical. While I’m not happy to hear about people being hurt, I’m glad to see him stay in New Orleans. I like Chandler as a player, and I like the Hornets. I feel like I shouldn’t, since it would have made a lot more sense for them to move to OKC (they spent the Katrina season there, and the city could support a team better than struggling New Orleans) than my formerly beloved Sonics.

So I’m happy to see a little hoops karma fall on Oklahoma, may there draft picks shoot poorly and Kevin Durant leave the first chance he gets.