In preparation to move the iTunes library to my new computer I’ve been trying to do some housekeeping, and here my thoughts on keeping one’s library super enjoyable.

  • Don’t let any crap in. When I first started moving my music collection to my computer I was intent on not putting any songs on my hard drive that I didn’t like. New music had to be judged soon after it was obtained for worthyness. I’ve slacked on this and the majority of my cleaning up is deleting stuff I don’t like.
  • Use the stars. The key to my star system is that one star means delete the song. Two means I like it enough to keep, and then increase upwards. I think I’m too fickle with five star ratings, probably cause I’m scared to commit to admitting I like anything that much.
  • Tag Stuff. Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t make it easy to apply tags, but you can go into the songs info (right click) and put tags in the notes section at the bottom of the first tab. Then set up a smart playlist that looks for the tag. A good way to quickly play songs that fit certain moods. I’ve also seen it suggested to use the stars for tags, like 1 star means party music, 2 stars  could be music for working out, 3 bubble baths doing manly stuff, etc. I don’t do this cause I wouldn’t know how much I like the songs.
  • Speaking of smart playlists…I have one that set to play songs that haven’t been played before (I deleted my library history when I reinstalled windows so I have a lot of these) and if I ever get through it I’ll make one for songs that have been played once. Helps for finding neglected gems and stuff that should be deleted.

I’d love to hear others suggestions, hopefully my reader has given some thought to managing their iTunes.