The other day I learned that San Diego State was putting off the construction of the modern spaces building, which I thought was a funny name. It’s planned to hold restaurants, a bowling alley, maybe some offices. Pretty much most of the stuff that’s in the building they are replacing that seems completely adiquate except Louie’s, the only bar on campus. I’m sure there is some reason for the new building besides getting rid of Louie’s but I don’t know what it is.

Anyway, the school says they don’t have the money because financing has gotten more expensive and they’re admitting fewer students than previously planned next year due to budget cuts, which means less in student fees.

And here is a list of items cut from the fiscal stimulus plan. The fifth bullet is $3.5 billion for higher education construction. It seems to me that State has a project that would have employed a decent number of construction type folks that was thought to be a good idea on it’s own merit. This is exactly the type of thing that everyone say’s the stimulus plan should be funding. I’m sure there are plenty of equally good if not better projects at institutes of higher learning around the country, I wonder what Senator was rallying against this part of the bill?

Personally, I’m happy we get to keep Louie’s for another semester or two.