Haven’t blogged in a while, maybe because I haven’t been doing much. Unfortunately I had a great opportunity to live the good life over Christmas break that could have been blog-worthy, I realized the other day it was a perfect opportunity to follow my life-long dream of going to a Price is Right taping. But I didn’t. Anyone, on to what brought me back to the blog.

Over the past few months I convinced myself I needed a new laptop, despite being an unemployed college student with limited means. My reasoning was mostly driven by the fact that my old laptop is pretty big, when I bought it I was rarely moving my computer around, and mostly when I did it was from my room to my couch. Now that I’ve returned to academia I wanted something I could take to the library, coffeeshops, or the other kinds of places where the kids go to study these days. The old one also had a broken headphone jack (happened pretty soon after I bought it) and the right side of the screen is fickle about when it is going to work.

So Tuesday I got up early (by grad student standards) to go to the start of Macfest on campus to pick up my first mac at a price cheaper than the normal student discount. It took me a while to decide on a mac, but the deal on campus sold me. Unlike a lot of people I’ve never had real problems with Windows, I keep my XP machine running smoothly with a little bit of maintanence once a month. What pushed to the mac, besides the advertising, insinuating I was an overweigth nerd for using windows when I could be a friendly hipster, was the laptop hardware. I’m amazed that with all the companies making Windows machines, nobody comes close to the nice ergonomic computers Apple puts out. I looked.

So I bought a macbook and I’m pretty impressed. Transitioning to the new OS has been pretty easy, although I still haven’t figured out the mac version of the ‘Page Up’ button and a few other things. The big glass trackpad that’s one big button is awesome, especially with the gestures Apple makes it capable of.

Sadly, somewhere between macfest and my house I lost my student id with my bus pass sticker on it, replacing that will pretty much equal the money I saved. I never thought I’d be pushing thirty and sweating the loss of a bus pass, but at least I can stay home and write rambling blog posts on friday afternoons.