A while ago, maybe last spring/summer I became aware that Coldplay was giving away a song off their new album. I’ve always found their music good for crying myself to sleep showing girls I’m sensitive, so I headed over to Coldplay.com. They demanded an email in exchange for the mp3, I gave them my spam address and got the song. It was okay.

Now Chris Martin is sending me emails all the time, they’re never funny and surprisingly he isn’t hitting me up to help African orphans. The last one informed me I could once again get a free mp3 as a Christmas present, the Thin White Duke Remix of Viva La Vida. Now if I had followed my initial instinct and deleted it after listening to the first ten seconds it wouldn’t have cost me much (in an economic sense, not the accounting sense) but I felt compelled to listen to the entire 7:24, cause maybe it got really cool in there somewhere? It didn’t, and the way I see it Coldplay now owes me 8 minutes.