During my Xmas break blog reading I’ve noticed that bloggers are supposed to put up end of the year lists, best/worst movies, music, books, etc. I’m going to simplify and just throw up a top eight list. Of what? Whatever the fudge I want.

  1. The Dark Night – In 2008 Ridley Scott made a spy movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Gladiator, sounds cool? It sucked. Disney made a movie about a trash compactor that would probably make my top 10 list. So I’d say it was a weak year for movies. The latest Batman flick might not be No Country For Old Men, but it’s probably the best superhero movie ever made.
  2. Meeting New People – Between backpacking through Thailand and starting grad school I met a lot of people in 08, and it was good. For the record, backpackers tend to be more interesting than aspiring statisticians (although I don’t have data to back that up, and the fact that I would write that demonstrates how uninteresting aspring statisticians can be).
  3. In Rainbows – Back when Radiohead sounded like a band playing guitars I would listen to their music non-stop. Around the millennium somebody must have given them some synthesizers and a drum machine. I’d listen to their albums and think ‘Wow, these guys are doing some really interesting stuff’ and then never listen to them. In Rainbows sticks with the synth’s (I’d like to think they are those cool keytar’s like Wham! had) but I actually enjoy listening to it. And they gave it away. Nice work Tom York!
  4. Seattle Sports – Actually, this should be on the bottom Eight list, but I’m not writing that. In the history of sports fandom, no geographic fanbase has had a worse time of it than Seattle in ’08. I’m told there’s and ESPN article about it, but I lived it so I don’t need to read about it. At the start of the year, we had one of the worst teams in the NBA, although we did have the Seahawks in the playoffs, unfortunately their loss to the Packers would be the highlight of the year. The Mariners were one of the worst teams in baseball (I think they were the worst but it would be too painful to check on that). Then the Sonics left town! The Seahawks were awful in the fall which was still better than everyone else in the Emerald City. Then the once storied Huskies were the absolute worst team in college football. They even lost the Apple Cup to the incredibly bad Cougars. On the bright side, it can only go up from here.
  5. Hope – As long as you weren’t hoping to have a gay wedding in California, it was a good year for hope.
  6. The Wire – HBO finished the best cop show ever (and one of the best shows of all time) this year. I’ll miss McNulty and Omar, but I’m glad they ended the show after five strong seasons rather than keep running it until the writers were so desperate for new material they would throw in storylines about ridiculous fake serial killers…wait, well, season five was still pretty good.
  7. Filler – Okay, I only had seven things for my list, but the top seven of ’08 sounds stupid.
  8. Not Working – I quit my job again this year, the more I do that the more I enjoy it. Try it, chances are you’ll get laid off soon anyway, and that severence package won’t make up for the joy of telling you boss what they can do with those TPS reports.

Apologies for linking to all the YouTube videos you were emailed over and over again throughout the year.  Have a happy ’09.