Surprisingly, someone disagreed with my stance on Detroit’s suckiness, but I’ve ran across some new information that has made me change my mind.  Marginal Revolution linked to some crime statistics and it turns out that, of cities of 500,000+, Detroit is the most dangerous place in the United States. Detroit’s number 1!

At the time I wrote the last post, the Pistons didn’t suck, but trading for the most overrated player in the history of the NBA should take care of that, but I suppose I should apologize to the Pistons, since they didn’t suck at the time.

I’ve also been told that letting GM go under as I suggested would destroy the world wide supply chain for automaking, so the government should give away money so we don’t have to ride bikes everywhere. My response to that is, if you like central planning and hockey so much, move to Russia in the 80’s. If you think the U.S. isn’t so bad, read the Wealth of Nations.