A dude from class asked me if I wanted to go to Dave & Busters Thursday night. Having been convinced by tv ads that I should, I agreed. If you aren’t familiar with Dave & Busters imagine Chuck-e-Cheese but the animatronic band is replaced with a full bar. On arrival I noticed I was the only white person in the long but quick moving line. I’m not sure why they had a line to check id’s, you could go in if you were underage and they checked again when you tried to buy beer.

Once inside, my friend tracked down his friends he was meeting, all Asian. I was informed that Thursdays at D & B’s is Asian night. No one seems to know why, just the way it is. I would say this could be useful if I come down with Yellow Fever, but surprisingly a warehouse full of video games and beer gets a predominately male clientel.

The racial makeup of the place allowed me to dominate at pop-a-shot, putting me a few thousand tickets from a new game for my Wii. I didn’t do so well at the Deal or No Deal, unlike Sol from class who walked away with 400 tickets. Being a statistician I’m not going to chalk this one up to race.

I’m not sure why, but I thought the place would be more fun, perhaps if I’d played more skiball.