I didn’t want to, but got talked into going wine tasting yesterday by a friend who’s male companionship on the trip bailed on him. I had hoped to study but conced after being promised no pressure to drink, free lunch and a four hour trip. None of these promises were kept.

We went to some cool and not so cool (read: generic) wineries in Temecula. I’d recommend some but I didn’t pay much attention to the names. Most of the day was enjoyable, I refined my palatte a bit, visited five winiries at a total cost to me of $2 for a tip. Holding to the hope of getting my learn on in the evening I only tried a few wines at each spot. Which turned out to be a good thing.

One of my co-horts claimed he saw the Rock at one of the spots, but I doubt it was him since the same guy claimed to see Wee-Man in Pacific Beach the night before. Later on when an obviously not Wee-Man midget strolled buy dude insisted it was a different midget with skater clothes on he had seen earlier.

I was told a charming story by a drunk 50-something about how she had met her husband five years to the day earlier at the same winery, I didn’t want to hear the story but she started talking with her mouth about a foot from my ear when I had my back to her, everytime I moved to reclaim my valued personal space she moved right along with me.

The day ended with me convincing the DD that I should drive, drunken arguing, crying, and a pit stop for vomiting. I didn’t get any studying done.

This was my second trip wine tasting, and I’d say it can be enjoyable but one should choose their co-tasters carefully before setting out.