I think I posted on the importance of voting a while back. Over at MR they linked to this video espousing the irrationality (in econo-speak) of voting. While your personal vote might not make much of a difference, the influence you can have on others may. This of course, depends on whether you write a blog with one reader, or Oprah. The former having less effect on election outcomes than going to the polls yourself, the latter having the ability to swing the entire soccer mom demographic.

The problem with video’s like the one I linked to (maybe I should delete the link) is they are going to convince logical people who make informed decisions from going to vote. I may be biased on this, but I think those are the people who should vote. What we need is an argument for the emotional, irrational decision makers. Like, if you go to vote you could run over a baby on the way to the polls, so you should probably stay home.

I am going to vote, not because of the Presidential election. As a California, there is no way I’ll influence that election. But as a San Diegan I have a slightly greater chance of deciding whether or not we will be able to enjoy PBR on the beach next summer. I feel it’s my patriotic duty to stand up for the pursuit of happiness on this issue during these tough times.

Addendum: A related quote from another MR post:

voting and not voting are motivated by the thought that you are better than other people.