Not too far away from where I live is the Stone Brewery, I’ve been enjoying their beer for years, going back to $5 pitcher night at Anna’s Caddy Shack. Oh, the Caddy Shack, I wish I could say I did something there besides get really drunk, but I’d be lying. I haven’t made it to Stone yet, but I’ve talked about it a lot. I’ve heard good things and hope to make the journey sometime before Christmas.

A thousand miles North of my current location, and very close to Anna’s Caddy Shack is my favorite brew pub in the whole wide world, Boundary Bay Brewery. In between lies Portland, which I’ve heard has the highest concentration of micro-breweries in the country. It seems like the obvious thing to do is road trip the Pacific Coast, trying to hit two micro-brewerys a day.

This idea is in it’s infancy, and my biggest challenge might be finding co-horts to go along with this. But I envision something like leaving San Diego late one week, maybe friday, hitting up two brewerys a day, possibly three when it works out. Planning on rolling into Bellingham the following Saturday to leave Sunday for a recovery. The direction could be flipped. Do some camping if it’s nearby, staying when friends when they can be found and otherwise hoteling it. I think a minimum of 3 people would be needed for this adventure, taking turns at designated driving. More people would mean less driving.

If anyone wants to steal the brilliant plan, I don’t mind provided you let me know how it goes and give credit whenever someone looks at you with awe regarding your awesome vacation. It would be great to get a VW microbus for this, making it a microbrew tour in a microbus.