A while ago I mentioned Little Ceasar’s, and how it is underepresented on Working’s For Suckers. The thing is, I love Little Ceasar’s like fat kids love, well, pizza. It’s not because there pizza is that good, it’s because it has consistently been good to me over the years. I remember Ceasar’s busting onto the scene with all the Pizza! Pizza! stuff when they pretty much made you buy two pizza’s, which was strange.

My senior year in high school some school organization sold these discount cards, they were like coupons at a bunch of places but you got to keep them. One of the deals was free breadsticks at Ceasar’s with any pizza purchase. So one semester, me MC-Dude and Stefan would sneak out of PE a little early so we would have time for the trip (about 20 minutes round trip on a 30 minute lunch). I’m sure the deal was intended for people buying whole pizza’s, but if thats what they meant, they should have said so. We’d buy the slice slice, two slices and a soda for $3+tax and get our free breadsticks. We did this every fucking day, which actually got old, after talking my classmates into going to Dairy Queen once I never heard the end of it.

A couple years later I lived a block away from Little Ceasar’s in college. My roommate D$ and I road the same bus home from school every day, and would hit up the slice slice three or four days a week, prompting one employee to comment that we must really like pepperoni pizza. I don’t want to speak for D, but I can’t argue with the statement.

After college Little Ceasar’s became the go-to hangover cure. I would often wait with whoever I was enjoying the hangover with in anguish until 11:00 when Little Ceasar’s opened, they dimly lit dining area in what I believe was the only Little Ceasar’s with a dining area was a perfect place to sip Dr Pepper and listen to soft rock and discuss the previous nights antics. Eventually the dining area was removed, supposedly because it didn’t fit with the corporate standards. Booo!

Little Ceasar’s outside Whatcom county don’t seem to push the slice! slice! deal, but the $5 large has allowed SoCal Ceasar’s to keep my business (but not as much of it). I think I’ll go grab a Hot-N-Ready for lunch tomorrow.

We previously recieved a request here at WFS for a statistical analysis of my happiness related to how far I live from Little Ceasars. So I ran a regression analysis, and I don’t like the results. But since I pretty much made up the numbers (not very scientific) I don’t think there’s much to them. For those of you who don’t read regression analysis very often, the parameter estimate could be looked at as how much affect the variable has on my happiness, the Pr > |t| is more or less the probability that there is no correlation. They’re all high enough to throw out these results, which is good because this says that I’m happier the farther I live from Little Ceasars. The regression also shows a negative relationship between health and happiness, which makes me wonder if spending times in gyms makes me sad. It looks like my t-shirt collection and my living situation have the biggest influence on my happiness. Guess I’ll buy some shirts after I eat my pizza tomorrow.

My Happiness
Variable DF Parameter
t Value Pr > |t|
Intercept 1 3.16739 2.74281 1.15 0.2690
Distance 1 -0.00082327 0.00465 -0.18 0.8621
QofF 1 0.27142 0.27289 0.99 0.3381
WorkSchool 1 0.18447 0.34447 0.54 0.6013
Health 1 -0.01547 0.17328 -0.09 0.9302
Tshirts 1 0.43083 0.58441 0.74 0.4741
LivingSituation 1 0.43638 0.31852 1.37 0.1939