My freshmen year at college I was ridiculously good at minesweeper. That was because everytime I sat in front of my computer to write a paper I would probably spend more time playing minesweeper. This morning I sat down to do some homework, and so far I’ve read the following:

  • Catchdubs (which I wouldn’t recommend, I was going down the Can I Bring My Gat blogroll looking for hip-hop blogs that suite my taste).
  • (Same as above)
  • Paul Krogman on how he won the noble prize. Via Marginal Revolution.
  • This article on the new macbooks. Macs look cool, but I’m not sure they look cool enough to justify the couple hundred bucks premium over a similar Windows laptop.

And then I wrote this, so blogs are my new minesweeper, now I’m going to try and do some math.